Hole 8
Par 4



359 yards

  Member: 335 yards
  Forward: 308 yards
  Handicap: 13

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The eighth hole provides a respite for the first nine holes, which circumscribe the perimeter of the course. Two large mounds in the landing area—the first being larger than the second—are topped with very deep, thick rough, giving golfers two driving options. In the days before a proper irrigation system was installed, most golfers played it either to the left or the right of the mounds. It is a very strategic hole—a stout tee shot to the left side of the bifurcated fairway brings into play a large, deep bunker on the second shot. A tee shot down the more-difficult-to-hit right side of the fairway is risky, as out-of-bounds lurks a scant 10 yards away, but provides a more direct route to the green. Most putts on this fairly flat green are straight, but if there is a break, local knowledge holds that putts typically break toward Griffen Avenue. With a good tee shot here, a birdie is a distinct possibility.
   A tee shot to the right side of this bifurcated fairway yields the most direct and shortest short iron shot into the green.