Hole 11
Par 4



406 yards

  Member: 372 yards
  Forward: 288 yards
  Handicap: 10

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If all a player had to go on was the yardage and the view from the tee, the 11th might be taken lightly, for it is one of the shortest par 4s with one of the widest fairways. However, three well-placed fairway bunkers on the right, a majestic and large Tulip Poplar tree protecting the green on the left, and a meandering creek that crosses in front and to the right of a difficult green—virtually making the putting surface an island—all demand full attention. A seemingly wellstruck tee shot that finds the left half of the fairway demands a creative and sharply hooking second shot.

The front-left hole location is extremely well-protected on this back-left to front-right sloping green. A spinning short iron that doesn’t carry this false front will likely roll back into the creek. A great, short par 4. 
   A large meandering bunker located behind the large Tulip Poplar and to the left of the green was part of the Gil Hanse restoration. As the green runs away from the bunker, any shot played from this bunker to a left-hand pin is quite difficult to get close.